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Election Integrity and Fighting Wildfires

July 7, 2021

I hope you had a wonderful Independence Day weekend surrounded by family and friends celebrating our nation conceived in liberty.

Boebert Family


Billionaires from Silicon Valley shouldn’t be allowed to select our Commander in Chief, and they shouldn’t be allowed to funnel hundreds of millions of dollars to election officials in specifically Democrat counties. From banning the sitting President of the United States to censoring private citizens and from promoting conspiracies to suppressing the truth, Facebook, Twitter, and Google actively attacked the heart of our constitutional republic. Facebook even sent hundreds of millions of dollars—otherwise known as Zuckerbucks—to Democrat voting precincts to fund get out the vote efforts in key districts to help Democrats win.

I am leading the charge on election integrity, and I co-sponsored Rep. Claudia Tenney’s End Zuckerbucks Act to close the tax loopholes allowing non-profits to launder the left’s dark money and manipulate official election organizations.

End Zuckerbucks


Federal land management agencies’ current defensive approach to wildfire management doesn’t work, as demonstrated by last year’s record-breaking fire season and the five large fires that have already plagued Colorado’s Third District this year. The current flawed approach causes us to spend billions of dollars on the backend to suppress fires, neglecting fire prevention, and putting our communities at increased risk of catastrophic fires. 2020 was the worst fire season on record in Colorado and also included the three largest recorded wildfires in state history. The Pine Gulch Fire burned nearly 140,000 acres in Mesa and Garfield counties.

I introduced the Active Forest Management, Wildfire Prevention and Community Protection Act to chart a new course, putting the public land management agencies like the Forest Service in an offensive posture to prevent wildfires using scientifically proven tools like active forest management, removing trees near power lines, and removing bark beetle-killed trees. My wildfire prevention bill builds on ideas from colleagues on both sides of the aisle. We have the tools to prevent wildfires, so let’s use them!

My bill strengthens rural communities by setting up Forest Revenue Area payments that grant 25% of the revenue generated from timber harvests to counties containing national forests. This additional revenue will provide important resources for things like firefighting, search and rescue, infrastructure, wildfire prevention projects, schools, law enforcement, and other essential services. This reinvestment in rural America is fully paid for and will not increase taxes at all since my bill will drastically increase timber receipts while also generating billions for the U.S. Treasury to help lower the national debt.

CO Firefighter


I was proud to join President Trump with the largest Congressional delegation to ever visit the southern border! When we were there, we saw families abandoned by cartels, wandering in the desert trying to turn themselves in to Border Patrol. If Joe Biden could be bothered to visit the border, he’d see the scared and abandoned children I spoke with. This is a humanitarian crisis, and it needs to stop.

I introduced the No Amnesty Act and the Secure the Southern Border Act to defund President Biden’s policies that support the cartels and return to President Trump’s successful border security policies like building the wall, stopping catch and release, and reinstating the remain in Mexico policy.


If President Biden wants to crack down on guns, he should start by prosecuting his own son, Hunter, for lying on a federal firearms application, a felony punishable by 10 years in federal prison and a $250,000 fine.

The “rules for thee, but not for me” radical left won’t ever be satisfied until they completely gut the Second Amendment, but they will have to get through me first. I won’t ever back down, and I’ll call out their hypocrisy every step of the way.


Joe Biden proved that he doesn’t care at all about rural communities when he nominated proven ecoterrorist, Tracy Stone-Manning, to lead the Bureau of Land Management. She is a radicalized extremist who believes that babies are a cancer to the earth, that ranchers are destroying the West, that land management decisions are best made by bureaucrats in D.C., and that using violent tactics like tree spiking is justified in the name of environmentalism. Her criminal involvement in ecoterrorist activities is so extreme that even Obama’s Bureau of Land Management director called on Biden to withdraw her nomination. America does not negotiate with terrorists who’ve been investigated by the FBI, and it certainly shouldn’t appoint one to lead a federal agency.

I joined 13 Members of Congress in calling on Senator Joe Manchin to halt Tracy Stone-Manning’s confirmation as Director of the Bureau of Land Management. The Bureau should focus on stewarding our natural resources and supporting rural communities, not advancing radical extremist ideology.




I am honored to represent such talented student artists, and I am proud to announce that Arianna Woodford is Colorado’s Third Congressional District’s winner in the 2021 Congressional Art Competition. She will receive two complimentary tickets to fly to D.C. for the unveiling of her painting, Early Morning, in the Cannon Tunnel to the U.S. Capitol, which historically sees 1 million visitors per year.

If you know a high school artist, please encourage them to enter in next year’s Congressional Art Competition.

If you are having issues with a federal agency, want to share your story, or want your voice to be heard, please come to my staff’s mobile office hours, and we will be happy to assist you. My office is honored to help veterans having trouble with the VA, travelers having difficulties applying for a passport, taxpayers being harassed by the IRS, senior citizens having issues with Social Security or Medicare, and people having other problems with federal agencies.
Monday, July 12, 2021 
Rio Grande County Mobile Office Hours 
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Wednesday, July 14, 2021
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