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Front view of the Capitol


Colorado’s Third Congressional District is filled with hardworking farmers and ranchers that help feed the nation. Farms and ranches comprise 31.8 million acres in Colorado, many of which are in CO-03. Agriculture generates $40 billion annually for our state’s economy and supports more than 115,000 jobs. Colorado has the 2nd-highest milk production per dairy cow in America. Colorado is home to more than 275 breweries. Colorado is home to nearly 3 million head of cattle and more than 400,000 head of goats and sheep. Colorado is 5th in the U.S. in beef exports. I want to build on this progress and will continue to support Colorado’s agriculture industry however I can.

Farmers and ranchers know that property rights are the foundation of their livelihoods and the American dream. The Endangered Species Act and the Sage-Grouse were both weaponized by extremists and the Obama/Biden Administration to trample on private property rights. Unfortunately, our property and water rights are also under attack by the Biden administration’s 30 x 30 program, which aims to lock up 30% of our lands and waters in a massive federal land-grab. I introduced the 30 x 30 Termination Act to protect ranching, grazing and multiple-use and block this radical initiative. I will always stand up for private property rights and will oppose encroachments by the federal government.

One of the biggest issues always facing agriculture is water. In Colorado, water rights are paramount to our economy, our environment, and our way of life. I introduced the Western Water Security Act to protect private property rights, prevent federal water grabs, and help ensure an abundant supply of clean water for future generations. We suffer from drought on a constant basis, which is why I also support effective water storage and delivery projects that will supply clean water in dry times.

I cosponsored legislation to prevent the return of 2015 WOTUS rule, a land and water grab that sought to assert Clean Water Act and federal jurisdiction over areas with the slightest connection to water resources. Farmers, ranchers, and property owners will all suffer if the Biden administration attempts to reinstate WOTUS.

I submitted an appropriations request asking for language to be included in the appropriations bill that would provide a one-year delay on the implementation of Electronic Logging Devices for livestock haulers. I also support a full repeal of the Estate or "Death Tax." Americans are taxed enough already on their earnings and holdings and there is no reason they should be taxed again when they try to leave their kids the family farm. When Colorado’s Governor attacked the meat industry, I stood with our ranchers and ag industry by supporting Meat In Day.

I will work tirelessly to protect the interests of our farmers and ranchers and ensure they are able to thrive off Colorado’s soil.