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Front view of the Capitol

Energy and Natural Resources

The Third Congressional District is home to the 2nd largest shale basin in North America, the Bureau of Land Management headquarters, the largest wind turbine tower manufacturing facility in the world, and some of America's largest uranium deposits. More than 55% of Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District is federal land. Coal-fired power plants provide 45% of Colorado's net generation. CO-03 accounts for nearly 44% of Colorado’s natural gas production and Colorado is the 7th largest natural gas-producing state.

Responsible land stewardship and freedom make up the foundation of rural Colorado, and I will work to protect our lands, waters, and natural resources from federal overreach. Our region demonstrates that conservation and economic development are not mutually exclusive goals, and I support policies that are environmentally and economically responsible and allow access to America’s public lands. I support an all-of-the-above energy strategy that utilizes all domestic energy sources including hydropower, nuclear, coal, oil, natural gas, geothermal, and other renewables.

Last year, our District and Colorado experienced the three worst wildfires in Colorado’s history, so I am working hard to support active forest management to reduce wildfire risk. My bipartisan amendment to use scientific active forest management to protect critical energy infrastructure passed through the House Committee on Natural Resources unanimously. I will be introducing a comprehensive active forest management bill soon and am continuing to push for other effective policies that will responsibly manage our forests and protect lives and property.

The people of Colorado's Third District deserve a voice in land-use decisions that impact their daily lives, which is why I have introduced legislation and am fighting with the bipartisan and bicameral Colorado delegation to keep the Bureau of Land Management headquarters located in Grand Junction.

Like many families across the District, my family works in the oil and natural gas industry. I have worked as a natural gas product technician, GIS technician, and pipeline integrity coordinator, and my husband is a natural gas drilling foreman, so I know how important energy jobs are for our region, so I am working hard to protect them. That means defending our District from President Biden’s energy and job-killing executive orders.  I introduced a discharge petition on my Protecting America’s Energy Jobs Act to allow Members of Congress to bypass Nancy Pelosi’s stranglehold on common-sense legislation and vote directly to nullify President Biden’s policies of halting energy development.

I support the Jordan Cove Pipeline, and it is critical that this infrastructure project be built. The pipeline will create international export markets for Colorado's clean natural gas, create 6,000 jobs, and generate over $100 million in economic impact annually.

When partisan hacks tried to lock up 550,000 acres in the Third Congressional District through a 3 million-acre land grab, I led the charge in opposition to this bill to ensure the people are able to access their public lands.

Unfortunately, our lands and our waters are under attack by the Biden administration's proposed 30 x 30 initiative, which aims to lock up 30% of our Nation's lands and waters by 2030. I introduced the 30 x 30 Termination Act to protect multiple-use activities on public lands and block this radical initiative. I support community-led land-use decisions and oppose federal landgrabs.