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Front view of the Capitol

Foreign Policy

President Trump's America First policies worked and helped restore this Nation. We must hold other nations accountable for meeting their funding commitments to NATO and the UN and establish that the days of the United States footing the bill for everything are over. I oppose sending unlimited taxpayer money overseas while we face our own challenges domestically. There is no reason Biden should be sending $235 million to Palestine when they are attacking and bombing our ally, Israel. As ­­­­a representative for Colorado, I believe my constituents' concerns should come first.

In order to succeed in the international realm, we need an America First policy that projects economic, military, and moral strength to our adversaries like China, Russia, Iran, and North Korea. I supported multiple efforts to prevent reentry into the Iran Nuclear Deal and believe we should have continued President Trump’s successful maximum pressure campaign.

I support continuing the Trump administration’s free and fair trade policies that stood up to bullies and put American workers first. I am a strong advocate for the USMCA, and I will continue to work hard to support trade policies that boost the American economy and increase wages.

The U.S. is the greatest country in the world, and we need a corresponding foreign policy. America should lead by example, not from behind.