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Front view of the Capitol

Constitutional Issues

My message is simple: More freedom, less government. The Founding Fathers understood this, which is why they were careful to create a limited government that left the majority of the power to the states and to the people through the Tenth Amendment.

The Constitution is the greatest governing document in history, and I support an originalist interpretation of the text. The Founders included the separation of powers and a system of checks and balances to protect against tyranny. Unfortunately, presidents and agency officials within the executive branch have continually overreached and enacted unconstitutional mandates not approved by Congress. I am taking action to rein in this bloated bureaucracy and utilize Congress’ power of the purse.  

I cosponsored legislation that proposes a constitutional amendment to prevent partisan politics and ensure the number of Supreme Court seats remains at nine.

I also cosponsored the Protect Religion from Government Act, important legislation that protects Americans’ First Amendment rights.

No matter how good a policy might sound on paper, if it goes against the Constitution, I will not support it. I will work tirelessly to get our Nation back to its constitutional roots.