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Front view of the Capitol

Taxes and Spending

Since all federal government spending means more taxes paid by the American people, the government should consciously try to cut unnecessary spending, reduce waste, and make sure that every dollar is spent accountably. I will use my position on the Budget Committee to bring up issues for debate that are usually just rubber-stamped through Congress. Every dollar spent must be debated, and it is time for Congress to get back to work and exercise the power of the purse.

Americans deserve to keep more of their hard-earned money without the government forcing them to pay into a system that has failed them, so I support deregulation and tax cuts for the middle class. There is no good reason to raise taxes on hardworking families right now and take more of your money. That is why I am fighting to protect President Trump's Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, which strengthened the middle class and small businesses by reducing the amount of taxes that individuals pay.

Taxes are a necessary evil to fund a limited government. However, a well-constructed system minimizes the economic impact caused to individuals and businesses wishing to innovate and create new jobs. The U.S. tax code should be restructured to give the American people relief from unnecessary burdens and cumbersome regulations.