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Front view of the Capitol

Infrastructure and Transportation

Colorado is the nation’s 8th largest state, extending nearly 300 miles from north to south and nearly 400 miles from east to west. $323 billion in goods are shipped to and from Colorado annually. 75% of these goods are carried by trucks on Colorado roads. Colorado’s transportation infrastructure supports 77,308 full-time jobs and $3.4 billion annually. With nearly 70,000 new residents last year, Colorado is the 7th fastest-growing state in the U.S. Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District comprises 47+% of the entire state of Colorado.

Only 6% of this administration’s $2.3 trillion so-called infrastructure plan goes to roads and bridges. The rest goes to climate change, increasing government bureaucracy, and unrelated liberal wish-list items. I introduced the America’s Infrastructure Modernization (AIM) Act to offer a targeted, efficient infrastructure plan that works for America. The AIM Act would reallocate $650 billion of the remaining $2.2 trillion of unspent COVID funds to build roads, bridges, airports, ports, and other real infrastructure projects. There is no reason to increase taxes and waste trillions of dollars on a leftist slush fund when we have the ability to deliver real infrastructure results for the American people without raising their taxes.