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Front view of the Capitol

Rep. Boebert Introduces Two Bills to End the Biden Border Crisis

March 18, 2021

Washington, D.C. – Today, U.S. Representative Lauren Boebert (CO-03) introduced two bills to stop the crisis at our southern border and restore law and order. One bill would nullify President Biden’s destructive amnesty orders and the other would codify President Trump’s border security policies.

Congresswoman Lauren Boebert stated: “Even if Democrats won’t say it, the situation at the border is a crisis. When you have to call in FEMA, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, that’s a clear sign that things are out of control. Instead of trying to fix the crisis, Biden is making it worse by cancelling President Trump’s effective border policies, banning the term ‘illegal alien,’ and pushing for mass amnesty. I introduced these bills because the real problems at our southern border deserve real solutions.”


In less than three months, the Biden Administration ushered the country into another border crisis, and his policies and comments have fueled cartels and brought the influx of aliens at the southern border. Currently more than 3,000 illegal immigrants are pouring over the southern border every day, and Border Patrol encountered 100,000 illegal aliens crossing the border last month—the largest monthly number in the last seven years. Tragically, many of these immigrants are unaccompanied minors being trafficked across the border by violent cartels. More than 3,000 children attempted to cross the border in just the first two weeks of March alone.

Even Biden’s border czar, Roberta Jacobson, acknowledged that it was Democrat policies that “may have driven people to make that decision [to attempt to cross the border.]” President Biden has worsened the crisis on the border by creating policies incentivizing and allowing more illegal immigration, including:

  • Unlawfully expanding the definition of “refugee” to include “climate refugees.”
  • Providing sanctuary for criminal aliens and only removing those convicted of “aggravated felonies,” and then, only if they are deemed to be a “threat to public safety.”
  • Granting blanket amnesty.
  • Suspending President Trump’s Asylum Cooperative Agreements that allowed asylum seekers to reside outside the United States while their cases were being decided.

Rep. Boebert’s “No Amnesty Act” would nullify and defund numerous amnesty policies including Biden’s aforementioned executive actions. The bill will restore sanity and the rule of law to  our immigration system.

Rep. Boebert’s “Secure the Southern Border Act” would enact into law President Trump’s border policies that have a proven track record of working and bringing illegal immigration down to record-setting lows. Rep. Boebert’s bill would codify numerous policies from the Trump administration, including:

  • Ending “Catch and Release.”
  • Building the Wall.
  • Ending Sanctuary Cities.
  • Partnering with state and local law enforcement to enforce immigration statutes.
  • Restoring the “Remain in Mexico” policy.
  • Allowing the National Guard to help defend our homeland by bolstering Border Patrol’s manpower.

 Nine Members of Congress co-sponsored both of Representative Boebert’s bills including: Representatives Brian Babin (TX-36), Andy Biggs (AZ-05), Mo Brooks (AL-05), Jeff Duncan (SC-03), Matt Gaetz ((FL-01), Louie Gohmert (TX-01), Debbie Lesko (AZ-08), Barry Moore (AL-02), Scott Perry (PA-10) and Matthew Rosendale (MT-At Large).

Both bills earned the endorsement of NumbersUSA, the premier grassroots border security advocacy organization.