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Denver Post, Lauren Boebert: Let me Draw Your Attention to the Crisis at our Southern Border

May 13, 2021

I wasn’t about to let Hidin’ Biden get away with not mentioning the crisis he created at the southern border during his address to Congress, so I forced the fake news media to cover it by wearing the same kind of Mylar blanket that the Biden administration is giving to the record-setting 18,000 unaccompanied minors in their custody who have come over the border in recent months. When children are sleeping in tin foil blankets, that’s a crisis. Real leaders address crises, but President Joe Biden punts them to his ever-absent number two, Vice President Kamala Harris.

The recently appointed border czar, Harris, seems to have taken her leadership strategy right out of Biden’s lead-from-the-basement playbook. Rather than visiting the border to see the humanitarian crisis her administration created, she’s spent the past few weeks visiting her friends in San Francisco and going yarn shopping. Maybe she should visit the border and crochet some blankets for the kids her administration has locked up in cages?

Thursday marks the 50th day since Harris has been appointed border czar, but she has no plans to visit the border. When asked about it by a reporter last month, she resorted to the ole’ cackle and said “not today.” In fact, her only real idea for how to address the border crisis is to waste your tax dollars on a tree planting agreement proposed by the Mexican government. You can’t make this stuff up.

The rest of Biden’s solutions are even worse. The Biden White House is proposing diverting $4 billion taxpayer dollars from the border wall funding to corrupt governments in Central America. They’d rather build roads in Venezuela than build the wall. Additionally, Biden reinstated Obama’s Central American Minors program which flies immigrants from Central America whose parents have legal status here directly to the United States, free of charge, provides them with cash, and helps them file for taxpayer-funded benefits like food stamps and Medicaid once they arrive. Democrats are more worried about assisting immigrants than they are about protecting you.

While Kamala plants trees and crochets and Joe hides in his basement, the American people are suffering.  In rural Colorado, we have at least 190,000 “illegal aliens,” as defined by U.S. immigration statutes. They are costing our economy an estimated $1.1 billion per year, according to a 2017 report put out by the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR). That does not include the millions of dollars immigrants send back to their home countries annually.

In 2012, the Center for Immigration Studies estimated using a survey that about 45% of  “illegal aliens” in Colorado are on government aid, including 41% on food stamps and 27% on Medicaid. Additionally, illegal immigration hurts our economy through harder-to-measure expenses like unemployment given to Americans who lost their jobs to aliens here illegally, the high rate of uninsured drivers, higher crime rates, and lost tax revenue due to underground market activity.

With the America-last policies that Democrats are pushing nationwide, the cost of these immigrants coming to America illegally will continue to skyrocket. In New York, leftists are giving $15,600 in unemployment to some who are likely “illegal aliens,” but don’t expect the madness to end there. In Denver, following the lead of the Biden regime, lawmakers are pushing to ban the term “illegal alien” in state documents and statutes and even provide housing benefits and assistance to families who came to the U.S. illegally.

A decade ago, there were 108,000 immigrants working illegally in Colorado, taking jobs away from American citizens, and that number has only gone up. At a time when Colorado’s unemployment rate is 6.4% and ranks among the worst states in the nation for job recovery following the coronavirus pandemic, it is wrong to put them ahead of American citizens looking for work.

Instead of proposing real solutions, the Biden administration’s response to the border has been to advocate for amnesty, catch and release, and other policies that incentivize more illegal immigration. As much as the radical left Democrats pretend to be the party of “compassion,” there’s nothing compassionate about open borders. These so-called compassionate policies support an evil empire of human trafficking, sex slavery, and distributing deadly drugs to our decaying rural communities. Just ask someone whose family member has died from a fentanyl overdose if they think having an open border is compassionate.

It’s time to restore President Donald Trump’s strong immigration policies that curbed human trafficking, cracked down on drug smugglers piping poison into our communities, and put Americans first. As President Ronald Reagan said, “there is a simple answer — not an easy answer — but simple” to the hot-button issues of our day. To stop the Biden border crisis, we need to do four things: build the wall, secure the border, enforce the rule of law, and stop the cartels.

That is why I am proud to have introduced the No Amnesty Act and the Secure the Southern Border Act which, if passed, would nullify and defund Biden’s executive orders that incentivize illegal immigration and would codify President Donald Trump’s successful border policies like ending catch and release, restarting construction of the wall, and restoring the “remain in Mexico” policy.

I will continue to draw attention to the Biden border crisis and work towards real solutions for the real problems at our southern border. Putting the American people first begins with securing the border, and securing the border starts with finishing President Trump’s wall.

Rep. Boebert's editorial was originally published in the Denver Post.

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