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Front view of the Capitol

Rep. Boebert Takes Kamala to Task at the Border

June 8, 2021

McAllen, Texas – Representative Lauren Boebert (CO-03) traveled to the southern border, and she brought Kamala Harris along for the ride.

Representative Lauren Boebert stated: “Kamala Harris was appointed border czar over 75 days ago, but she hasn’t visited the border, so I brought her along to look at what she’s done. Instead of traveling to Guatemala to find the root cause of the border crisis, Kamala could have just walked down the hall to the Oval Office—he’s sitting right there. It’s time for Kamala to do her job, visit the border, and stop this man-made crisis.”


In the first few days of his presidency, Joe Biden created a humanitarian crisis at the southern border.

Even the President of Guatemala blames the Biden/Harris regime for the border crisis and stated coyotes were there recruiting illegal aliens to traffic to America the day after they put out their open borders welcome message.

The numbers speak for themselves:

Exactly one year before my visit to the border, there were 1,400 unaccompanied minors in HHS custody—now there are 22,000.

In President Trump’s last month in office, CBP encountered 78,443 illegal immigrants—in April, they encountered a record high of over 178,000.

In President Trump’s last full month in office, CBP released 18 illegal immigrants into the United States with a Notice to Appear at immigration court—in April, the Biden administration released 26,233 illegal aliens into communities across the United States.

In President Trump’s last full year in office, 458,000 illegal aliens were encountered at the border—in just the first four months of Biden’s term, almost 750,000 illegal aliens were caught sneaking across the border.

In President Trump’s last full year in office, 4,776 pounds of fentanyl were seized by CBP—in just the first four months of Biden’s term, CBP seized almost 6,500 pounds. Without the work of our brave men and women of Border Patrol, enough fentanyl to kill every American four times over would have been allowed into the United States under Biden’s watch.

In President Trump’s last full year in office, 2,400 violent criminals were apprehended by CBP—in just the first four months of Biden’s term, CBP arrested 5,900. In just four months, arrests for murder are up 1,133%, arrests for sex crimes doubled, arrests for weapons smuggling almost quadrupled, and arrests for drug traffickers tripled.

The border crisis is destroying America, but Kamala hasn’t done anything but cackle at it. This needs to change.