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Rep. Boebert Announces Committee Assignments

January 26, 2021


Rifle, CO - Today, U.S. Congresswoman Lauren Boebert (CO-03) released the following statement after receiving her Committee assignments for the 117th Congress:  

"I am honored to serve on the Natural Resources and Budget Committees. With over half of Colorado’s Third Congressional District containing federal land, I’ll have a unique opportunity to be a strong voice for my constituents on important issues impacting their livelihoods. I’ll pursue policies that increase access and ensure multiple-use for sportsmen and other public land enthusiasts, allow for responsible energy production while protecting the environment, reduce our dependency on rare earths and critical minerals from China, empower tribes, increase storage and protect precious water supplies, and promote job creation while removing unnecessary regulations and red tape.

“America is nearly $28 trillion in debt. It is far past time that Congress gets it fiscal house in order, prioritize the values of the American people, and put an end to Washington’s wasteful federal spending. As a mother of four and a small business owner, I know it takes discipline and tough choices to balance a budget. We can no longer afford to spend and borrow away our children’s future. I thank the Steering Committee and Ranking Members Bruce Westerman and Jason Smith for their trust. I look forward to getting to work and what we will accomplish for the people of Colorado’s Third District.” 


Today, Congresswoman Lauren Boebert (CO-03) announced her Committee assignments for the 117th Congress.

Representative Boebert will serve on the House Committee on Natural Resources and the House Committee on the Budget.

House Committee on Natural Resources and Rep. Boebert Quick Facts:

  • The Committee considers policy and issues related to energy production, minerals, power, public lands, national parks, water, wildlife, sportsmen and Native Americans
  • 55+% of Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District is federal land
  • Rep. Boebert held three different positions in the oil and gas industry
  • Coal-fired power plants provide 45% of Colorado's net generation; most of the mineable coal resources in Colorado are located in CO-03
  • Renewable sources provide 25% of Colorado's net generation; Vestas is in CO-03 and builds more wind towers than any other place in the world
  • CO-03 accounts for ~44% of Colorado’s natural gas production; Colorado is the 7th largest natural gas-producing state

House Committee on the Budget and Rep. Boebert Quick Facts:

  • Congresswoman Boebert will fight for budget priorities that reflect the values of the Third Congressional District and hard-working American families
  • Rep. Boebert is a fiscal hawk that will eliminate waste, fraud and abuse
  • Congresswoman Boebert is a small business owner
  • Rep. Boebert will pursue policies that allow Americans to keep more of their money
  • Congresswoman Boebert will seek to promote economic and community security
  • Rep. Boebert will tackle our growing federal debt
  • Congresswoman Boebert has signed both sides of a paycheck and balanced budgets