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Going to the Supreme Court to Defend Your Rights

July 22, 2021


I promised that I’d defend your Second Amendment rights all the way up to the Supreme Court if necessary, and I’m keeping my promise. I was proud to join Rep. Claudia Tenney and 174 additional members of Congress in sending an amicus curiae brief to the Supreme Court in the case of New York State Rifle and Pistol Association v. Bruen, urging the Court to uphold Americans’ Second Amendment rights to keep and bear arms.

This case challenges New York’s gun laws in which Americans are only allowed to carry handguns outside of their homes if government bureaucrats are persuaded that they have a proper cause. This is the exact type of unconstitutional law that was thrown out in the landmark case D.C. v. Heller. If petitioners win this case, it could be the biggest legal victory for the Second Amendment in over a decade, and I’m proud to be a part of it. 

2Amendment Caucus


As co-chair of the Second Amendment Caucus, I was honored to host Dick Heller, of D.C. v. Heller, who overcame tremendous persecution to exercise his right to carry a firearm in Washington, D.C. It is because of his case that I am able to exercise my Second Amendment right to self-defense in our nation’s capital.

I was proud to inform him of my efforts fighting in New York State Rifle and Pistol Association v. Corlett, and he encouraged me that the Constitution is on our side!



In 2020, the U.S. set a record as 57,000 wildfires burned over 10.3 million acres. From 2015 to 2020, the Department of Interior and Department of Agriculture spent $14.1 billion of taxpayer money on fire suppression alone. That staggering figure does not include cleanup costs or the rebuilding efforts for families who lost everything they owned. Our District has already experienced five large wildfires this year, but wildfires do not have to be the norm that we accept. 

While there are many causes that lead to these large wildfires, like decades of forest mismanagement, insect infestations that kill healthy trees, and the severe drought across the West, many forests are full of dry fuels because of bad policy and regulations from the federal government.

Unfortunately, the current wildfire crisis is not receiving enough attention in Congress, and Democrat politicians have no real intention of tackling the issue. They have their talking points, and they stick to them while the literal costs of wildfires and the devastation to our communities keep piling up. 

In 2020 Colorado suffered the worst fire season on record. Last year we had three of the largest recorded wildfires in state history. The Pine Gulch Fire burned close to 140,000 acres in my district in Mesa and Garfield counties, and the Cameron Peak Fire was the largest wildfire in Colorado history, burning more than 208,000 acres and more than 460 structures to the tune of $6 million in property losses. In 2012, the Waldo Canyon Fire killed two people and destroyed more than 32,000 homes. In 2018, the Camp Fire in California killed more than 80 people. 

This devastation and loss of life is tragic. But the sad thing is, career politicians in the Swamp have done little to nothing to try and fix these problems and instead pander to extremist environmentalists that engage in ecoterrorism like tree spiking.

I listened to the people in my district, and I talked to experts on the ground to develop a comprehensive solution called the Active Forest Management, Wildfire Prevention and Community Protection Act that addresses several of these issues. My bill is fully paid for and will generate billions of dollars for the U.S. Treasury. This legislation requires the Forest Service to harvest a minimum of 6 billion board feet per year, establishes the Western Bark Beetle Epidemic Fund to remove dead and dying bark beetle trees, and it contains important litigation reforms that remove incentives for extremist groups to file frivolous lawsuits that slow down forest management. My legislation adopts a forward-thinking, active management strategy that combats catastrophic wildfires before they get started. We can reduce the size and severity of these wildfires through active forest management.



The Democrats’ so-called “infrastructure” proposal is a Trojan Horse for their radical policies to “change America” for generations to come. As America recovers from the economic crisis associated with a global pandemic, this $4+ trillion in new government deficit spending will only add to skyrocketing inflation and add to our out of control national debt.

Americans are already paying for Democrats’ spending at the gas pump and the supermarket. Instead of radically expanding the federal government, Congress should be focused on reducing inflation, cutting wasteful spending, and balancing the federal budget.


The foundation of our criminal justice system requires that all defendants are treated equally before the law, but the Biden regime is not living up to this solemn obligation. Reports are circulating that the Biden regime has held January 6th rioters in solitary confinement, while at the same time, they are letting BLM rioters that attacked federal buildings off with just a few hours of community service. This is not an equal standard of justice. I condemn all forms of political violence, and all political violence must be prosecuted fairly.

The Department of Justice is using aggressive tactics to prosecute the January 6th riot, but it has not done the same for the BLM riots during the spring and summer of 2020 where one federal officer was killed and over 700 federal and local officers were injured. To prosecute the January 6th rioters, the DOJ has seized personal geolocation data, arrested accused rioters with SWAT teams, and placed alleged rioters in solitary confinement.

All political violence should be prosecuted fairly to the fullest extent of the law, so I sent a letter to the Department of Justice demanding an explanation for the discrepancy in prosecution applied to BLM rioters who attacked federal buildings and the January 6th rioters.
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