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Fighting Wildfires and Supporting You!

July 14, 2021


My office is closely monitoring the Morgan Creek Fire and other wildfires in Colorado and the West. I have been meeting with firefighters and community stakeholders throughout the Third Congressional District to offer support and hear their concerns.

Last year, Coloradans endured the worst fire season on record and the three largest wildfires in state history. Hundreds of homes were destroyed and evacuated as Coloradans suffered through more than 100 days of fire. The Pine Gulch Fire burned nearly 140,000 acres in Mesa and Garfield counties. The Cameron Peak Fire burned more than 208,000 acres and more than 460 structures to the tune of $6 million in property losses. The East Troublesome Fire killed 2 people while threatening 7,000 structures.

Wildfire smoke is responsible for serious disorders, including eye and respiratory tract infections, reduced lung function, bronchitis, exacerbation of asthma, and even premature death.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Modern science has proven that we can responsibly manage our forests to prevent wildfires, increase forest health, reduce fire severity, protect the environment, and harvest timber in a way that is economically and environmentally sustainable.

My Active Forest Management, Wildfire Prevention, and Community Protection Act provides solutions for rural Colorado and shifts the focus from accepting wildfires as inevitable to taking action to stop them and reduce their destruction. My active forest management bill will reduce the severity of wildfires and help prevent them in numerous ways including:

  1. Removing trees killed by bark beetles through a program that is fully paid for and will generate billions of dollars for the U.S. Treasury.
  2. Ensuring 25% of the revenues from responsible timber harvests is provided to impacted counties.
  3. Authorizing hazardous fuels reduction and forest health projects in high-risk areas.
  4. Authorizing vegetative management and allowing responsible tree removal within 500 feet of powerlines.

Reforming costly litigation processes used to halt responsible forest thinning.



I visited Colorado River Fire Rescue and discussed how they had to close a station and sell a much-needed firetruck due to reduced revenues caused by the war on American energy. I’m a champion for our first responders, and I’m working to get them the resources they need by supporting responsible energy development that boosts rural economies and through forest revenue payments as part of my Active Forest Management, Wildfire Prevention, and Community Protection Act. My bill supports rural firefighting while decreasing the national debt by increasing timber receipts.



It was great being in Garfield County to meet with the Center for Excellence in Aerial Firefighting Technology. They are testing new ways to combat wildland fires in safe and effective ways using drones, multi-mission aircraft, GPS, and more.




Ever since President Biden announced that he would be sending vaccine doorknockers to Mesa County, I’ve been demanding transparency. His press secretary, Jen Psaki, said the government won’t seize vaccine records, but his Secretary of Health and Human Services, Xavier Becerra, said it’s “the government’s business” to know who’s been vaccinated. Additionally, Psaki said government employees won’t go door-to-door, but FEMA announced in May that they already deployed some of their employees as doorknockers.

The mixed messages are concerning, so I sent a letter to President Biden demanding transparency. Every American who wants the COVID vaccine should be able to get one, no one should be forced to be vaccinated, and everyone’s medical privacy should be respected—this should not be controversial!





I enjoyed visiting Natural Soda and learning about their work producing natural sodium bicarbonate and providing good jobs. Colorado has some of the best natural resources in the nation, and I am proud to represent such a unique region on the House Committee on Natural Resources.

I will always stand up for policies that put American companies and workers first, which is why I was proud to introduce the American Energy Jobs Act, which nullifies President Biden’s job-killing executive orders and supports hard-working rural American communities.



If you are having issues with a federal agency, want to share your story, or want your voice to be heard, please come to my staff’s mobile office hours, and we will be happy to assist you. My office is honored to help veterans having trouble with the VA, travelers having difficulties applying for a passport, taxpayers being harassed by the IRS, senior citizens having issues with Social Security or Medicare, and people having other problems with federal agencies.

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