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Front view of the Capitol

Fighting Terrorism, Putting Colorado First

August 1, 2021


Since day one in Congress, I have fought hard to ensure that the Bureau of Land Management headquarters remains in Grand Junction.

I joined Governor Jared Polis, Colorado Senators Bennet and Hickenlooper, Congressman Joe Neguse, and local stakeholders in a bipartisan roundtable urging Secretary Haaland to keep the Bureau’s headquarters where it belongs: near the people.

We also discussed the urgent need to address growing forest fires through active management and effective suppression.

Community stakeholders made a great case for keeping the Bureau’s headquarters in Grand Junction and for doing more to prevent catastrophic wildfires. I hope Secretary Haaland listens to the ranchers, county commissioners, sheriffs, farmers, hunters, hikers, off-roaders, and other outdoor recreation enthusiasts who have benefited from the agency’s move West. Westerners deserve a voice in the land-use decisions that affect their daily lives, and it would be wrong to move the Bureau back to a faceless marble building in D.C. Since 99% of the lands that the Bureau manages are West of the Mississippi, it only makes sense to keep the agency located near the communities it serves.

While some have tried to politicize the Bureau’s move to Grand Junction because they detest anything associated with the previous administration, the facts are clear: moving the headquarters to this great community has always had broad bipartisan and bicameral support.

Bureau of Land Management


Biden’s nominee to lead the Bureau of Land Management, Tracy Stone-Manning, is a terrorist and her terrorist boobytraps planted in the Clearwater National Forest still threaten the lives of foresters and firefighters to this day. She planted 500 pounds of tree spikes designed to explode upon impact with a wildland firefighter’s chainsaw or a lumber mill worker’s saw. The resulting shrapnel maims or kills anyone standing in the vicinity.

Stone-Manning’s terrorism is so severe that a Biden White House official called her nomination ‘a massive vetting failure’ and Obama’s former director of the Bureau of Land Management condemned her nomination. Stone-Manning’s extremist anti-government, pro-population control, anti-law enforcement, pro-wildfire, tree-worshipping, anti-farmer, and anti-responsible energy views are more than enough to disqualify any nominee, but her involvement in an eco-terrorist tree spiking attack—threatening the lives of wildland firefighters, loggers, and mill workers—is beyond the pale. She belongs in federal prison, not in the director’s office of a federal agency.

Stone-Manning is the wrong person to lead one of the nation’s largest land management agencies, since she believes, “we must breed fewer consuming humans,” children are “environmental hazard[s],” ranchers are “destroying the West,” and “the solution to houses [threatened by wildfires] is to let them burn.” Her views are so extreme, and her terrorist involvement so severe, that rejecting her nomination should be commonsense.

Tracy Stone-Manning


Despite Stone-Manning’s terrorism and extreme views, Colorado Senators Bennet and Hickenlooper put their party ahead of the people and discharged her nomination from committee to the Senate floor. If they are going to support an eco-terrorist, they should at least secure a win for Colorado first.

I’m calling on Senators Bennet and Hickenlooper to bring action to their words and make a stand for rural Colorado by refusing to confirm Stone-Manning’s nomination to lead the Bureau of Land Management until they secure a commitment from the Biden administration to keep the headquarters in Grand Junction. In an evenly divided Senate, just one of Colorado’s senators has the power to hold the nomination and put Colorado first. The junior senator from Michigan held up eight Department of Defense nominations to secure a victory for his state, and I’m calling on one of Colorado’s two U.S. Senators to do the same and secure a victory for Colorado.



The Democrats’ disastrous appropriations bills increase spending by 113%. I tried to fix some of the many gaping problems by introducing over 100 amendments to:

  • Defund Planned Parenthood.
  • Ban vaccine passports, door-to-door campaigns, and mask mandates.
  • Stop Biden's plan to use tax dollars to pay for illegal immigrants' college.
  • Defund leftist colleges and universities teaching Critical Race Theory.
  • Strip federal funding from gain of function research in China.
  • Prevent wildfires.
  • Support homeless veterans.
  • Redirect funding from climate change and move it to programs assisting women and children struggling with poverty.
  • Combat Western drought.
  • Strike funding for red flag laws.
  • Defund the 30 x 30 land grab.
  • Support the use of police body cameras.
  • Stop paying federal bureaucrats to ride their bikes to work.
  • And many more!

I will continue to fight against the Democrats’ radical leftist policies. It is an honor to serve Colorado as part of its Congressional delegation, and I will keep supporting commonsense policies that defend the Constitution of the United States.


The Tokyo 2020 Olympics are in full swing, with patriotic Americans dominating the competition. Coloradans have been crushing it! 

I would personally like to congratulate Colorado athletes Lieutenant Amber English for winning gold and setting an Olympic record in women’s skeet shooting, Will Shaner for winning the 10m air rifle event at just twenty years old, Anastasija Zolotic for winning the first ever gold medal for the United States in women’s taekwondo, and Lucas Kozeniesky for winning silver in the 10-meter air rifle event.

Amber English


This week, Speaker Pelosi has yet again declared that “masks will be required” in the House of Representatives, which is completely nonsensical at this point. America is in a much different place, thanks to Operation Warp Speed.

Dr. Fauci and the CDC have continually flip-flopped on the masking recommendations, and I’m sick of it.

  • On January 21, 2020, when asked about COVID, Dr. Fauci responded: “This is not a major threat for the people in United States, and this is not something the citizens of the United States right now should be worried about.”
  • First Dr. Fauci originally recommended against masks and against travel restrictions.
  • Then he recommended masks.
  • Then he mandated them.
  • Then he said to wear two masks.
  • Then he lifted the mask mandate.
  • Now he’s bringing it back.

Enough is enough, and it’s time to take our country back. No more perpetual pandemic. No more lockdowns. No more mandates. Time for freedom.

Every American who wants the COVID vaccine should get one, no one should be forced to get one, and everyone’s medical privacy should be respected—this should not be controversial

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