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Front view of the Capitol

Putting Coloradans First

March 14, 2021

Legislative Leadership

Dear Friends,

This week, I worked on the issues that matter most to Colorado’s Third Congressional District, including water rights, bringing home the USS Pueblo, securing the border, defending the Second Amendment, opposing government waste, and working to reopen the economy fully. I’d love to hear about what other issues matter most to you, so please take the survey at the bottom of the email to let me know what you want me to work on.

Protecting Water Supplies for Future Generations

I took a stand to protect water rights by introducing the Western Water Security Act to prevent the Secretary of the Interior from seizing water rights, harassing property owners, and trampling the rights of farmers and ranchers across western Colorado. I was proud to partner with local county governments, farmers, and 14 of my colleagues in Congress to lead this effort.

Our District is too familiar with federal seizures of private property. The people of rural Colorado deserve a voice in D.C., and I am proud to fight for issues that affect our lives daily.

Responsible Oil and Gas Development

I co-sponsored the “America Needs Worthwhile Resources Act,” preventing the government from banning oil and natural gas development in ANWR. I will always put America first and fight for energy dominance. Congress authorized responsible oil and gas development in a small sliver of Section 1002, and rogue bureaucrats shouldn’t undermine public law.

Bringing Home the USS Pueblo

I was proud to stand up for Pueblo, Colorado and honor the men and women of the U.S. Navy by introducing a bill to bring the USS Pueblo home. 53 years ago, North Korean agitators captured the USS Pueblo, killed Petty Officer Duane Hodges, and held the rest of the crew hostage for almost a year.

The USS Pueblo is still a commissioned ship in the U.S. Navy, and it is the only American naval vessel currently in captivity, being displayed as a war trophy in Pyongyang. My bill asserts that North Korea’s murder of Petty Officer Hodges, torture of the crew, and theft of the ship were violations of international law, and it demands that North Korea right these wrongs. Getting this ship back is a personal priority for me to honor our District, respect the U.S. Navy, and assert American resolve.

Bring home the Pueblo

Protecting the Constitution

I vigorously defended the Second Amendment by speaking on the House floor, writing an op-ed, and voting against H.R. 8 and H.R. 1446. In conjunction, these bills trample the Constitution by creating a national gun registry, allowing the FBI to capriciously take away individuals’ rights by indefinitely delaying background checks, and criminalizing common exchanges of firearms like a farmer letting a neighbor borrow a rifle to deal with a wolf problem.

I ran for office with a simple promise: more freedom, less government. I will uphold this promise by defending your Constitutional freedoms.

Securing the Border

Securing the Border

I introduced legislation to move the fence surrounding the Capitol to the southern border since a government’s first duty is to protect its citizens. The Capitol fencing separating the people from their elected representatives is no longer necessary. The threats that the media keeps hyping up have not amounted to anything, and it is wrong for Congress to continue to hide behind closed doors. Government is accountable to the people, so I say, Madam Speaker, tear down this wall.

It would be a much better use of resources to send the National Guard to the southern border to deal with the current immigration crisis. During the Biden administration, the daily number of unaccompanied minors being trafficked across the border has gone from 45 to 300. This crisis is inhumane, puts Americans at risk, and is preventable.


Protecting American Taxpayers

I ran to challenge the status quo, and that is exactly what I have been doing by opposing the reintroduction of earmarks. A decade ago, bi-partisan reformers banned earmarks because they realized they lead to corruption, government waste, and bribery. Recall egregious examples of earmarks like the infamous “Bridge to Nowhere,” government funding for goth research, and airports for Congress’ private use.

I led the campaign for government accountability by writing an op-ed and leading an effort opposing the reinstatement of earmarks. Government is accountable to the people, and it is wrong for career politicians to enrich themselves while bankrupting taxpayers.

Fighting for Effective COVID Policies

While Democrats passed their $1.9 trillion so-called “COVID relief” bill that was really just a far-left wish-list, I worked to find real solutions by co-sponsoring the “Reopen Schools Act” to get kids off their screens and back into classrooms. Additionally, I supported local governments in the District that are reopening their economies.

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